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Agriya’s mantra for success is “Stable and up to date apps”. That is why we are providing our customers with apps that are constantly updated. We update our apps to remove any possible glitches and bugs that might be present. 

And keeping with this spirit, we have released an updated version of Taxipickr - Uber clone app script.

Agriya listens to its customers

Drivers and users are two sides of the same coin. But both of them will not view things from the same angle. Each of them has their own set of problems. Thus, it makes sense to design apps according to the view point of each. That is why Agriya has decided that design an individualized app for each of them. However, we have not totally separated the two apps. We have added unique features to each app while retaining the common features.

New things you can expect in this Taxipickr upgrade

The things by which an app is judged is the front end, back-end and performance. We have decided to use AngularJS to improve the front-end. However, doing the same for the back-end was not easy, but we finally managed to narrow it down to a combination that is known for its robustness - Slim and PHP (5.5.9). To ensure performance of the app is boosted we have employed Postgres SQL. We are designing app for both iOS and Android. Thus, the code compilation for both must be perfect. To achieve this, we have used Advanced Java Programming Language and “Objective C” for Android and iOS respectively.

Through this updated app, Agriya has ensured that irrespective of whether our customer prefers iOS or Android, the app will work for them.

Agriya never rests

Agriya has some plans that could not be implemented in this update and we are working very hard to ensure that they are implemented in the next update. These plans are:
  • Updating the charge calculating mechanism. The updated mechanism will ensure that complaints of waiting charges does not bother your business again. Plus, it will help your business by making sure that late night charges and peak hour charges are properly applied.
  • The UI design of crucial functional sections has to be proper. To ensure that they are proper, we have radically changed the UI designs of these sections.
  • Knowing the distance that is to be covered, the proposed route, along with the time taken to reach the destination are things that users will like to know. Agriya has ensured that this is possible thanks to detail-oriented functionality of both subsets and layouts. Also, we designed the app to stay connected to Google API.
  • Any user would like to know for what he/she is being charged for. Now the user will get a detailed summary of the trip. This summary will have a report that properly explains the breakdown of the charge collection.

Concluding thoughts

The environment of the taxi-hailing business is very turbulent and no one understands it better then Agriya. We have updated our app with this understanding in mind. Since nothing stays the same for very long in a turbulent environment, we are doing our development work in a rapid manner, so that we can release our updates faster.

develop taxi booking app

Success of Taxi Booking Applications
With the booming success of Ola and Uber across the globe, several companies have joined the league with out of the ordinary features, customizability and much more. They have managed to open many doors of developing technology and are using it to create outstanding taxi booking apps.

This highly growing competition has magnetized many entrepreneurs to invest in the sector. Believe it or not a number of Ola and Uber clone scripts and apps are entering the market to succeed in this cutthroat competition. 

Entrepreneurs Interest in Developing Taxi App
Several budding entrepreneurs are building or hiring developers to create cab service apps in better format simply to make the most of the prospects that the industry is offering.

Two major factors involved in preparing a business protocol for such a script are - time frame and expertise advice. Without giving it a second thought, choose the best developer team to build your application in the optimum period of time scale. 

Using Advanced Technologies is a must
Those who are brave enough to take this as a challenge and are ready to throw themselves in the pit must know that using advanced technology is the crucial point to keep in mind. Along with meeting the technology expectations, let’s not forget that easy access, trackability, multiple payment modes, and quick response are the few other features which must be incorporated in the app.

Ready-made Scripts to Develop Taxi Booking App
But foremost point to be noted is that the technology used in developing this Uber clone script must be recent updated one. Like mentioned above, it is one of the most important factors which determine user’s attention towards your product.

Uber clone script must have well versed and easy customizability in order to implement some extraordinary features at a later stage. This explains that your business model must correspond to your app and idea. It should be as engaging so as to retain customer’s attention.

Try this app script demo,

To Conclude
The best suggestion would be not to choose a complex protocol, but instead take the simple path so that customers do not have to struggle while using the app.

Clone script is currently a method which is shattering the stereotype system of developing applications. So, go ahead and make the best use of the most extensive technology to flourish well with your product in the industry.

Taxi Booking App Development

The phase of initial industrial exposure to an entrepreneur doesn’t always end up with a sweet success. Some have to pass through a ray of hopes and bundle of ideas to just turn their ideas into business. However, experts would call a successful business as “once in a blue moon” thing. Now there is an overwhelming response to on-demand apps among users. Uber being the best example which just started as an app to help people in finding their rides in nearby areas but now it is considered as the global transportation endeavor among people.

The Success story of Uber

Not only has the idea of transportation succeeded, Uber is also extending its horizon to multiple business sectors. According to recent data, now they have spread out to more than thirty-five countries and ensured their business in hundred cities. Meanwhile, their business idea has been used by a number of companies and they have achieved something for their business. For example, the Taxify has grabbed the taxi booking market in from Estonia as Cabify did the same in Spain. The value of the business idea alone cannot justify the success of an app. The execution and its acceptance among the people also define the success. The major part in getting the satisfaction depends on how well the app gives the solution for the need of people. It should consist of all the important features and an excellent UI to make their taxi booking.

Here is an overview of features that an entrepreneur must consider in their taxi booking app.

Mapping, Routing & Navigation

The primary feature that a taxi booking app must possess is the maps and locations. Geolocation helps the users in setting up their location and finding the suitable rides near their area. To do this, the app must have an excellent mapping, routing and navigation features. When the user set the destination, the app should route the travel and indicate the estimated price. Also, it should identify the nearby drivers in the area. For this to work, the driver should have a device to communicate their location at all times. Then the app should have an absolution routing mechanism to map the travel route. There should be extra programs and mapping software to assist the location and routing needs.

Using Advanced Technologies for Location

Although Uber did the same thing which has been mentioned earlier, they had the help of advanced technology to configure them. The major thing they have used in their systems to identify the location of a user or a drive is through a Core Location Framework. It is very smart that it can identify any movements of the users. It uses the technology from the operating system of mobile devices to interpret this information. For example, in the iPhone devices, it uses the iBeacon technology and in the android mobile devices, it used the Google location application interface.

Like the location identification, the mapping and routing process in the Uber app also differs for the iOS and android devices. In the iOS version of the app, the complete route from the start to the end point is performed through the help of Mapkit. However, the android used the directions and routes from the Google Android API V2. Integrating these APIs made the uber app give an excellent route regardless of any start or end point.

Useful Messaging and Support System

Earlier Uber had the messaging system to notify the drivers that they have reached the customer location. Also the same is used to send the driver the possible reason a customer has canceled their ride. Now the Uber has integrated the support system within their app to solve the problems of their customers. It is to be noted that the Uber has been using the email communication to solve out these kinds of issues. Entrepreneurs starting out their market in this space must consider this point. They should have an excellent messaging system to keep their drivers in routine and solve the problems of their customers through a support system.

Exclusive Payment Options

To conclude these features, the most important feature is such an on-demand app is an exclusive payment option. It is relatively not easy to define an easy wireless transaction for purchasing a service. However already Uber has solved this problem and how they have done it not easy as it seems. They have overcome the PCI requirements established for processing every user data in a secure manner. Also, they have given a valid ID for every user paying through their app. Above all that, they also allow Paypal transactions in the app. They have solved the problem of payment options with the help of Braintree. The entrepreneurs can integrate the payment options using a payment gateway.

Developing the App from a Ready-made Script

Many startups don’t have the time and money to afford an app development from the scratch. There is a ready-made solution for those entrepreneurs. The Uber clone script would be an ideal solution for their need to develop a better taxi booking app. Since these scripts come up with all the above-mentioned features, it is in the hands of entrepreneurs to customize them and market to achieve their market in this industry.

The article was originally published by me in Crowd Reviews Blog

Uber Clone iPhone Script Update

Agriya has retained a good reputation among the clients all over the world by delivering faultless clone products that are highly competitive, and Taxi pickr, the Uber clone is no exception to the point. Within a short span of its launch Taxi pickr has earned the likes of millions of users, and to heighten their cheers, Agriya has upgraded the Taxi pickr iPhone application to the version 1.2.2 with some notable changes to offer superior facilities to both entrepreneurs as well as users. Developers at Agriya has made much needed improvements to make the Taxi Pickr iPhone application outstanding. 

The major alterations made to the core of this script is detailed here.

Bug fixes

The Taxi pickr - Uber Clone iPhone application script 1.2.2 comes with a good number of bug fixes and debugging error corrections. The application is now modified to be a perfect fit-in to all iOS devices.

Improved performance

Rational and sensible market place study supplemented by accurate bug-fixes lead to the rapid performance of the new iPhone application. It is so modern and functions without any fail in performance. Hence every business owner, cab driver and users will find the new Taxi picker iPhone application fast as well as reliable.

Push notifications

Prompt and excellent push notification is another fantastic feature included to the latest version this script update. Users can effortlessly notice the vital e-mail alerts, beginning and stopping of a ride, payment notifications, and many other essential aspects with the aid of this new improved push notifications. Drivers, users and web masters can make use of this fast and accurate push notifications included in the latest version. 

Demo Video

How Agriya’s new Taxi Pickr update turns out to be vital for users?

All the clone products crafted by Agriya are accompanied with fine after sales and technical support. Developers at Agriya keep the products technological advanced and error-free by means of comprehensive market place study and business management. The recent update done to the Uber clone is just a case in point. The features offered by Agriya products are way beyond the originals and the Taxi Pickr iPhone application update thus proves to be more beneficial for the clients/users.

Need for uber clone script

The taxi booking business is projected to reach unprecedented heights in the coming years and it's an undeniable fact that the need for a successful taxi booking service like Uber is an absolute necessity. Multiple private concerns and government-backed taxi companies are trying hard to come up with viable solutions to match these rising demands. This scenario can be the direct result of the digital landscape that has given a complete makeover to all the industries around the globe. One must also not forget the end user, the customers who play the vital role in shaping up these demands and requirements. Let's figure out what exactly they are looking for, as it will help a great deal in understanding the importance of an Uber-alternative.

Customer Expectations

•    The confirmation message with the details about the cab and the driver.

•    Efficient time management that makes sure the estimated time and the pick up time has very little difference.

•    Stringent security and safety measures.

•    A pleasant journey with excellent communication, that includes an effective emergency service.

•    Multiple payment options.

Challenges Faced By Taxi Service Providers

After viewing the customer expectation, the only question that remains is, “Whether the service providers are able to match them?”. Most of them face a huge challenge in the management of time. With the competition getting fiercer each and every day, it's of biblical importance to earn the trust and goodwill of the customers. And one way to stay ahead of the competition is by being seamlessly punctual. The other major concerning factor is the security. Not a proper verification of the drivers and not having proper emergency service incorporated has led to the downfall of many taxi service providers.

What Made Uber a successful taxi management system?

Uber was able to enhance the customer satisfaction and was able to provide a hassle-free operational experience. They had an abundant number of features that worked in their favor.

•    An accurate dispatching model that features auto-dispatch option that helps the taxi owners to manage the process on their own.

•    An efficient GPS tracking system to track drivers as well as the range of the orders.

•    Customized pricing structure.

•    Regular promotions and discounts with regards to old and new services.

Agriya's Taxi Pickr – The Best Uber Clone Script For Your Own Taxi Booking Business

Understanding perfectly the market needs and mirroring all the major success factors of Uber, Agriya was able to develop the perfect Uber clone script -Taxi Pickr.  It lives up to its name of being the “perfect Uber clone” by providing features that match the original and beyond. It inbuilt revenue model , makes sure you have a constant stream of earnings as soon as the site is live and operational. With versions for both IOS and Android, Taxi Pickr is the smart choice for you to establish yourself in the taxi booking industry.

Final Words

A clone script saves a lot of your time, especially when you're trying to tap into a very prosperous marketspace like the taxi booking. Selecting the right one enhances your chances of being successful at it. Make the right choice and be the “new Uber story”.

Nowadays, complex processes are made easy with the rise and reach of the technologies. Consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the right product or service. The transportation business, that operates on a closer scale with the end user, should make use of all available resources to keep evolving and have a sustained growth. One such idea is a taxi booking app and lets discuss the various steps involved in building a successful one.

Application development industry has seen an outrageous growth in the starting of 2016. Most of the entrepreneurs have started to capture these industries in various niches and taxi booking is one among them. However there are leaders in this sector like uber and lyft, you can get a better market for your app.

Why not to develop an app from scratch?
Building an app from the scratch will cost you more. However, there are clone scripts available with popular app development companies. You can buy their script and customize them based on your needs. Considering you want to go for the app with minimal functionalities, the estimated cost to build such an app from scratch would cost you at least 10,000 USD. In case you want to go with clone scripts, you can drastically reduce the estimated cost around 75%. 
Features available with the uber clone scripts

The major features you should expect in these scripts,
- App for customers and drivers
- Registration
- Map view to fix the pickup & destination point
- Accepting a pickup
- Calculating the fare for a particular distance
- Order overview and history
- Payment methods and usage of inbuilt wallets
- Chat support for customers and drivers
- Super admin dashboard to monitor rides and completion
- Rate and comment feature for customers and drivers
- Manage drivers and companies
- Dispute option for any kind of issues
These are some of the basic features of the app. However, the clone scripts will have much more features needed for  taxi booking.

Best Solution for developing taxi booking app
One of the trending uber clone script in the industry is  Taxi Pickr - Uber Clone Script from Agriya

Check out how their uber clone script works here in this demo video,

To Conclude

Quality can never be compromised in any business and even more if it is a technology-based one. To establish a business model like uber and to meet the demands and requirements of the taxi owners and passengers, it is mandatory to choose a best taxi booking script for creating the app.

Here's some of the screenshots of their taxi booking script,

Watch this video to know about the exact working technique of the Uber clone script - Taxi Pickr from Agriya. This taxi booking script ultimately assists the entrepreneurs to get a head start in online taxi booking application immensely. With this demo video, entrepreneurs can gear up themselves in prior to their distinctive launching of spanking new Uber like taxi booking app business. It completely speaks about how easily the drivers and users can register themselves to the taxi booking app and get connected to each other for an easy and safe city ride.

Discover more about this software here,

Unique features of the taxi booking software:

- Unique SignUp facility

- Social Media sign up
- Flexible login option
- Profile settings
- Email templates
- Car types
- Car searching
- Car listing
- Edit cars
- Availability of cars
- Request car
- Fare estimation
- Promotion code
- Wallet
- Tracking facility
- Map facility
- Confirmation settings
- History details
- Add emergency contact
- Payment gateways
- Currency
- Language
- Cities
- Maintenance mode
- SEO settings

taxi booking app business model

Running a taxi booking app isn't any easy affair without the backing of right technologies, infrastructure, manpower and right marketing strategies.  Though with the availability of Uber clone software, it is easy to create and launch a taxi booking app, what is needed is to consider some of the factors to make your app's impact felt big in the market.

It is to be noted that the Uber clone software can not only be used for offering taxi services, but can also be applied to diverse areas. Let the area be "X". Likewise, the number of areas can be "n' in number for the uber clone script. 

Major factors that can create a big impact in a taxi booking app business model


No disruptive business model has succeeded without the use of the best technologies. The same thing holds good even if you want to start up a taxi booking application, be it for Android or iOS. Features that are built with latest technologies are a must. Google maps or GPS is obvious and needs no special mention as without it the app couldn't run.

Apart from the core features, numerous other features contribute to a hassle-free running of the app. The drivers, as well as the passengers, will have a seamless flow. Some of them are Social media signup, Fare estimation, History details, Payment gateways, wallet and so on.


Though the app is one entity, a huge infrastructure has to be set up. Drivers or taxi owners have to be pooled so as to become part of your team. In running the app, backend infrastructure has to be built like customer support, branding team, software professionals, emergency contact team, etc.


Smart pricing is key for the success of your taxi aggregator app. The fares have to be fixed appropriately for hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. Offers can be passed on to the customers frequently in order to stay ahead of your rivals.

Also, slashing of prices during special occasions, festivals, etc can be an instant hit. Not only are the customers set to benefit from the reduced fares, but your drivers too can get more trips, hence more revenue.


This is a decisive factor. Not only should you opt for online marketing like Adwords or any other, it is important to use traditional marketing methods to reach out to the customers whom you want to serve. Radio, TV, Newspaper, magazines can be part of your marketing strategy. Only then can you match or take on the existing rivals in this trending industry.


Factoring in the above factors seriously is important for making you taxi hailing app a victorious venture. Establishing a uber like business model can be easy with the help of the uber clone scripts. Along with the above mentioned few, consider other factors and put in maximum efforts to succeed.

uber clone features

Online taxi-aggregator companies have become an instant success among the cab drivers and consumers who are in need of a cab. The success of uber has led to the rise of many mobile applications that help connect cab owners with that of commuters or travelers who are in need of a taxi. They, the latter, can open the app, look for available vehicles in proximity and then simply book. In no time, the vehicle reaches, waiting for them to board. The on-demand taxi booking market is growing worldwide, catering to the transportation needs of people in all major cities and towns.

For entering into this business as a startup organization, you require expertise. In such a business, technology will be the driving force. The app that is to be launched should also be performance-oriented, containing some of the core features that have to be offered.

Launching a taxi booking app is now easier

It wouldn't be hard for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch the app. An advanced Uber clone script that can launch an app like Uber in not only a cost-effective manner but also with high quality, easy navigation, great designs and rich features. Being a ready-made script, it takes just a few days to launch. Importantly, customization can also be sought according to one's wishes.

Core features to integrate into your next generation taxi booking app

While numerous are the features that have to be part of your taxi booking app, here, let us look into a few core features without which your app is incomplete and without them, your success chances as an entrepreneur is lesser.

Fare estimation

It will be  a very helpful feature for the passengers. They can get an estimate of the amount they got to pay for traveling from a particular location to the other. Giving the pickup location and then the destination will do for finding the estimated fare.

Map facility

Needless to say, Google map will have to be part of the app. Once the pickup location and destination are given, the route map will be shown on the map, helping in knowing the directions.

Tracking facility

This feature isn't meant for drivers and passengers, but for the admin of the app. Using the Google map option, you can know the location of taxi's at that point of time. Hence, tracking would be easier.

Social media sign up

With the advent of social media, there is no such need of registering on every website or app you use. Drivers or taxi seekers should be enabled to log-in to the taxi booking app using their social media account ID. 

Apart from the above few mentioned core features, there are many more features that have to be part of your taxi aggregating app. Taking the potential needs of your users and developing the features is necessary to build a billion dollar app like uber. On a lighter note, uber spends over $10 million per year on improving the features on the app.

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