Uber Clone iPhone Script Update

Agriya has retained a good reputation among the clients all over the world by delivering faultless clone products that are highly competitive, and Taxi pickr, the Uber clone is no exception to the point. Within a short span of its launch Taxi pickr has earned the likes of millions of users, and to heighten their cheers, Agriya has upgraded the Taxi pickr iPhone application to the version 1.2.2 with some notable changes to offer superior facilities to both entrepreneurs as well as users. Developers at Agriya has made much needed improvements to make the Taxi Pickr iPhone application outstanding. 

The major alterations made to the core of this script is detailed here.

Bug fixes

The Taxi pickr - Uber Clone iPhone application script 1.2.2 comes with a good number of bug fixes and debugging error corrections. The application is now modified to be a perfect fit-in to all iOS devices.

Improved performance

Rational and sensible market place study supplemented by accurate bug-fixes lead to the rapid performance of the new iPhone application. It is so modern and functions without any fail in performance. Hence every business owner, cab driver and users will find the new Taxi picker iPhone application fast as well as reliable.

Push notifications

Prompt and excellent push notification is another fantastic feature included to the latest version this script update. Users can effortlessly notice the vital e-mail alerts, beginning and stopping of a ride, payment notifications, and many other essential aspects with the aid of this new improved push notifications. Drivers, users and web masters can make use of this fast and accurate push notifications included in the latest version. 

Demo Video

How Agriya’s new Taxi Pickr update turns out to be vital for users?

All the clone products crafted by Agriya are accompanied with fine after sales and technical support. Developers at Agriya keep the products technological advanced and error-free by means of comprehensive market place study and business management. The recent update done to the Uber clone is just a case in point. The features offered by Agriya products are way beyond the originals and the Taxi Pickr iPhone application update thus proves to be more beneficial for the clients/users.

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