Agriya’s mantra for success is “Stable and up to date apps”. That is why we are providing our customers with apps that are constantly updated. We update our apps to remove any possible glitches and bugs that might be present. 

And keeping with this spirit, we have released an updated version of Taxipickr - Uber clone app script.

Agriya listens to its customers

Drivers and users are two sides of the same coin. But both of them will not view things from the same angle. Each of them has their own set of problems. Thus, it makes sense to design apps according to the view point of each. That is why Agriya has decided that design an individualized app for each of them. However, we have not totally separated the two apps. We have added unique features to each app while retaining the common features.

New things you can expect in this Taxipickr upgrade

The things by which an app is judged is the front end, back-end and performance. We have decided to use AngularJS to improve the front-end. However, doing the same for the back-end was not easy, but we finally managed to narrow it down to a combination that is known for its robustness - Slim and PHP (5.5.9). To ensure performance of the app is boosted we have employed Postgres SQL. We are designing app for both iOS and Android. Thus, the code compilation for both must be perfect. To achieve this, we have used Advanced Java Programming Language and “Objective C” for Android and iOS respectively.

Through this updated app, Agriya has ensured that irrespective of whether our customer prefers iOS or Android, the app will work for them.

Agriya never rests

Agriya has some plans that could not be implemented in this update and we are working very hard to ensure that they are implemented in the next update. These plans are:
  • Updating the charge calculating mechanism. The updated mechanism will ensure that complaints of waiting charges does not bother your business again. Plus, it will help your business by making sure that late night charges and peak hour charges are properly applied.
  • The UI design of crucial functional sections has to be proper. To ensure that they are proper, we have radically changed the UI designs of these sections.
  • Knowing the distance that is to be covered, the proposed route, along with the time taken to reach the destination are things that users will like to know. Agriya has ensured that this is possible thanks to detail-oriented functionality of both subsets and layouts. Also, we designed the app to stay connected to Google API.
  • Any user would like to know for what he/she is being charged for. Now the user will get a detailed summary of the trip. This summary will have a report that properly explains the breakdown of the charge collection.

Concluding thoughts

The environment of the taxi-hailing business is very turbulent and no one understands it better then Agriya. We have updated our app with this understanding in mind. Since nothing stays the same for very long in a turbulent environment, we are doing our development work in a rapid manner, so that we can release our updates faster.

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