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Online taxi-aggregator companies have become an instant success among the cab drivers and consumers who are in need of a cab. The success of uber has led to the rise of many mobile applications that help connect cab owners with that of commuters or travelers who are in need of a taxi. They, the latter, can open the app, look for available vehicles in proximity and then simply book. In no time, the vehicle reaches, waiting for them to board. The on-demand taxi booking market is growing worldwide, catering to the transportation needs of people in all major cities and towns.

For entering into this business as a startup organization, you require expertise. In such a business, technology will be the driving force. The app that is to be launched should also be performance-oriented, containing some of the core features that have to be offered.

Launching a taxi booking app is now easier

It wouldn't be hard for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch the app. An advanced Uber clone script that can launch an app like Uber in not only a cost-effective manner but also with high quality, easy navigation, great designs and rich features. Being a ready-made script, it takes just a few days to launch. Importantly, customization can also be sought according to one's wishes.

Core features to integrate into your next generation taxi booking app

While numerous are the features that have to be part of your taxi booking app, here, let us look into a few core features without which your app is incomplete and without them, your success chances as an entrepreneur is lesser.

Fare estimation

It will be  a very helpful feature for the passengers. They can get an estimate of the amount they got to pay for traveling from a particular location to the other. Giving the pickup location and then the destination will do for finding the estimated fare.

Map facility

Needless to say, Google map will have to be part of the app. Once the pickup location and destination are given, the route map will be shown on the map, helping in knowing the directions.

Tracking facility

This feature isn't meant for drivers and passengers, but for the admin of the app. Using the Google map option, you can know the location of taxi's at that point of time. Hence, tracking would be easier.

Social media sign up

With the advent of social media, there is no such need of registering on every website or app you use. Drivers or taxi seekers should be enabled to log-in to the taxi booking app using their social media account ID. 

Apart from the above few mentioned core features, there are many more features that have to be part of your taxi aggregating app. Taking the potential needs of your users and developing the features is necessary to build a billion dollar app like uber. On a lighter note, uber spends over $10 million per year on improving the features on the app.

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