Application development industry has seen an outrageous growth in the starting of 2016. Most of the entrepreneurs have started to capture these industries in various niches and taxi booking is one among them. However there are leaders in this sector like uber and lyft, you can get a better market for your app.

Why not to develop an app from scratch?
Building an app from the scratch will cost you more. However, there are clone scripts available with popular app development companies. You can buy their script and customize them based on your needs. Considering you want to go for the app with minimal functionalities, the estimated cost to build such an app from scratch would cost you at least 10,000 USD. In case you want to go with clone scripts, you can drastically reduce the estimated cost around 75%. 
Features available with the uber clone scripts

The major features you should expect in these scripts,
- App for customers and drivers
- Registration
- Map view to fix the pickup & destination point
- Accepting a pickup
- Calculating the fare for a particular distance
- Order overview and history
- Payment methods and usage of inbuilt wallets
- Chat support for customers and drivers
- Super admin dashboard to monitor rides and completion
- Rate and comment feature for customers and drivers
- Manage drivers and companies
- Dispute option for any kind of issues
These are some of the basic features of the app. However, the clone scripts will have much more features needed for  taxi booking.

Best Solution for developing taxi booking app
One of the trending uber clone script in the industry is  Taxi Pickr - Uber Clone Script from Agriya

Check out how their uber clone script works here in this demo video,

To Conclude

Quality can never be compromised in any business and even more if it is a technology-based one. To establish a business model like uber and to meet the demands and requirements of the taxi owners and passengers, it is mandatory to choose a best taxi booking script for creating the app.

Here's some of the screenshots of their taxi booking script,

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